"Lori" - a certified manufacturer of animal products

Welcome to the official website of one of the largest pet products suppliers in Ukraine. We have prepared for you many proposals for mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation. Ready to provide you with goods anywhere in the country without delay.

We are constantly and diligently working to improve the quality and quantity of branded goods. Since 1993, the range is constantly adjusted and expanded - in the catalog of pet products there are more than 2,000 useful things, accessories and food for cats, dogs, rodents, birds and fish.

Exclusive pet products wholesale are available to you:

  • sunbeds, houses and booths from high-quality foam rubber;
  • special clothes for dogs and cats for different seasons;
  • highly effective drugs to combat parasites, fungus and various inflammations;
  • sisal scratches in the form of a pillar, carpet, rope or house;
    energy efficient aquariums with LED lighting, modern air supply system and filters;
  • and other pet products wholesale.

Lori products have an original author's design and practicality. Before approval of each model and start of mass production testing with involvement of experts is carried out. As a result, are created solutions that can fully satisfy the individual characteristics of different breeds, including domestic dogs and cats.

First-class pet products wholesale from the producer

During the 25 years of its existence on the market, 20 trademarks have been created for various groups of goods for the respective purpose.

  • Leashes, collars, muzzles, bibs, chains and carbines;
  • Bowls, brushes, combs, nail clippers, trays;
  • Sunbeds, booths, houses, carrying bags;
  • Fillers, grain supplements, vitamins and care products;
  • Cages, toys, clothes and garments;
  • Aquariums with additional equipment and accessories;
  • Also dry animal feed wholesale from the manufacturer.

Lori is a reliable wholesaler of pet products

On the site you can buy wholesale pet products for sale in any city of Ukraine: Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Poltava and other cities. To contact the manager and ask any questions, you can call one of the listed numbers or use the feedback form. On the day you contact us by e-mail, you will receive a reply with all the details.

Established over 25 years of wholesale trade in animal products allows us to clearly understand all the needs of our partners. This experience helps to quickly and accurately resolve important details, saving time at all stages of negotiations.

Do you want to sign a contract for wholesale deliveries of goods for animals on Monday? The first batch will arrive at your warehouse within 2-3 days after registration and confirmation of the order. Fast and timely delivery of goods for animals is carried out in all cities of Ukraine.

Convenient navigation as a personal guide to the hypermarket of pet products

The official website of "Lori" contains all the necessary information for partners who can quickly get acquainted with the principles of the company, as well as study in detail the entire range from a computer or smartphone. A well-thought-out filter system helps you find the right product by type and size in seconds, find out the latest news, current promotions, and read interesting articles on the blog page.

We prepare special offers every month so that you can get even more benefits from cooperation.

In our professional activity, "Lori" pursues two main goals:

  1. Wholesale of goods for high quality animals at affordable prices.
  2. Business development of our partners by concluding profitable agreements.

Due to the principled position, close cooperation was established with the owners of pet stores, nurseries and veterinary pharmacies from all over Ukraine. It is important for us that the animals feel cared for and receive the necessary conditions for a full life.

Therefore, only ecological raw and quality materials are used in the production of the wholesale company of pet products "Lori". All work processes are controlled by management with the involvement of authorized bodies. Due to strict control and compliance with modern standards, there are delicious and balanced feeds without GMOs and nitrates, as well as other luxury and premium products that can withstand various animal tests and weather conditions for years

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